As a chaplain intern, I served people from all faiths. I found beauty and meaning in the varied (and at times quite opposed) beliefs of those I served, while deepening my own Unitarian Universalist theology. Though I do not believe in a personal God who resembles humans, I believe in an overarching unity to the universe which transcends the human scale, and I revere this.

My home church had been a Universalist congregation, which provided me a strong foundation in reverence for the uniqueness of individual human experience and a respect for the worth of each person. I came to church with a vibrant respect for my ancestors, which fit well with the culture of my historically diverse church.

As a religious naturalist and a humanist, I believe that the natural world is all that there is – that nothing is truly “supernatural.” Yet I am awe-struck by the natural world, and find that its immensity and complexity are more than enough to provide humanity with infinite wonder.